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“The GCC is home to more than 200 nationalities. Their thirst for global exposure and ability to invest in quality education are considered the driving factors as to why they are sort after students in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada amongst other education destinations.”

Consider the following facts:

11.3 Million by 2020

The number of high school students in the GCC will touch a staggering 11.3 million by 2020. With the number of private school students in the GCC region set to triple within the next decade, this region has one of the fastest growing student populations heading towards higher education.

Job Specific Courses

Recognition and demand for occupational courses in industries like aviation, hospitality, fashion, nursing, teaching, creative arts, public service, have begun surfacing across the GCC. Such students are eager to join the masses and enroll in job specific courses.

Student­ to ­Teacher Ratios

The UAE’s tertiary education system has one of the lowest students –to-teacher ratios in the world and spillover student quotas are absorbed by foreign universities around the world.

Overseas Universities

Due to a shortage of available placements at high quality education institutions around the Middle East, students here are looking at overseas universities and colleges to fulfill their need for post-secondary education.

Investing in Education

The Middle East’s growing middle and high income population stress great importance in investing in education, opting to provide their children with the best education, anywhere in the world.


YoY growth in number of enrollments in schools across the UAE


71% of students seek a bachelors degree, 18% pursue a master’s degree


The GCC has 25% of its current population between the aged groups of 15 – 24


Education Malaysia Dubai alone sends more than 3,000 students to Malaysia every year for a wide range of programs at various universities




In 2015, UAE students contributed USD 66 million to the US economy


A total of 86,372 students from the Middle East study in the US


 The total number of students at Dubai- based universities rose from just 43,212 in 2012 to 52,586 in 2014


In 2014, 27,520 Middle East students enrolled in UK universities





Between 2013/14, the number of students studying in the US from Middle Eastern countries increased by 21% compared to the previous academic year


Students from the Middle East now constitute almost 10% of all international students in the US



Top 6 Fields of Study

Information Technology:
Media, Design:

Types of Higher Education Institutions in the UAE

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